Benefits Of School Radio

The School Radio Station

A school radio station can have lots of useful benefits, especially for pupils:

  • Inclusion: Radio is a tool for communication. Having a radio run by pupils, for pupils and a wider community, can help build an air of inclusion around the school.
  • Confidence: Not everyone is great at being in front of the camera. While video content has its place in school marketing (very much so in fact) it is always beneficial to have involving all types of pupils from across your school
  • A radio can be far less intimidating, some kids are natural talkers but can feel stifled by the camera. Even if they are not natural talkers many pupils will still have a view they can express on radio, which can help build their confidence speaking in a more public forum.
  • Speaking & Listening: Radio can be a fantastic tool for developing these skills. Working on a radio does require good speaking and listening skills after all!
  • Student Voice: The Student Voice is often a very important aspect of a school; having that forum where pupils can have opinions and a say on their education. The school radio can be a perfect place to facilitate this.
  • Teamwork: Running a school radio will require dedication and teamwork – valuable traits for pupils to learn at school!

Setting up a School Radio

There are plenty of options that can be explored. to make the most of this experience, the school will require certain equipment and a platform to push content out on.

Also depends on the plan of broadcast if within the school or on the internet a specific PRS licence may be required. more info can be discussed once you have an initial consultation