Our Mission

Our Motivation for The School Radio Initiative

At The School Radio Initiative, we recognise that engaging with children and young people who have been or on the brink of exclusion from the education system or involved in the criminal justice system is not a new phenomenon. Yet the provision of joint resources and the engagement of this targeted group remain as challenging as ever. These challenges can be further complicated by the occurrence of anti-social behaviour and unlawful group association. Consequently, these young people can often be hard to reach. This perturbing behaviour is often attributed to stress, anger, frustration, rejection and/or peer pressure.
Regardless of the aforementioned, The school radio initiative is motivated by the view that positive change amongst the targeted group, can be obtained by way of positive collaboration – ‘a team around the child’.


The objective of The School Radio Initiative is to engage with young people who are on the periphery of exclusion from the education system or involved with the youth justice system, as early as possible through personal, social and educational opportunities. We will encourage and support achievement and aspirations amongst young people through the accreditation and validation of learning, enriched positive self-esteem and self-confidence.

All young people in receipt of our services will be encouraged to lead healthy and beneficial lifestyles, and to abstain from anti-social behaviour through music.

We will deliver after school workshops and accredited training programmes that promote community cohesion, cultural diversity self-reliance and mental wellbeing. Notwithstanding this, The school radio initiative is committed to treating every young person as an individual and not a statistic, thus promoting successful outcomes for all the young people engaged by our service.