About the Initiative

Why the School Radio Initiative?

The School Radio Initiative is designed to release the latent potential and creativity to further encourage the achievement from within the minds of juniors to teenagers within todays school system, speaking a music informed language they may appreciate using modern music radio broadcasting technology.

Pupils are encouraged and trained to create their own programs for radio broadcast and shown how to run their own radio station platform within their school.

Training consists of real-world broadcasting scenarios, that will prepare them not only in the real world of radio broadcasting but also as future business owners and entrepreneurs.

Our founders draw upon decades of combined experience in working with young people by providing teaching and training in new media, Broadcasting and radio for young people and have adopted a cost effective school radio station streaming platform to provide and initiate both live streaming and podcast hosting facilities that won’t let your school down or cost the earth.

We can offer packages to suit anything from junior schools through to secondary schools and secondary academies on a budget for a full scale and fully loaded tech heavy presenter studio, and radio DJ platform all hosted from within the cloud.

Research findings has shown that groups of children from multicultural and diverse backgrounds and social communities are severly underachieving within todays uk schooling system, proving a detrimental effect on student life by being distracted into a shocking way of life after the school gate closes. we believe , that if a positive timely distraction could be implemented within the school, then an increase in attendance and achievement may rise and a reduction in school expulsions may be a positive result. .

Unless an outlet is ‘suggested’ as an off-load for the pupils frustration, the path may lead to further unessessary distractions away from learning hence the School Radio Initiative, set up in place to curb any potential mis-behavior

We believe by offering a hope of academic social inclusion we speak a language that is most familiar in a growing students life by introducing a new way of music involvement. our mission is to involve pupils from mid to end of primary school age to pupils nearest end of secondary school and to eradicate pupils that may be at risk to be the most vulnerable.


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